. Our Urban Story discussed the Michael Brown’s funeral and offered advice as to how one should behave when confronted by the police.
. We pointed out that police are human like everyone else, and that there are good and bad in each profession. However, before any one convicts Officer Darren Wilson, in the Ferguson case, we need the facts.
. We also discussed the beheading of journalist Stephen Foley, and the fact that President Obama returned to the golf course not too long after announcing that Mr. Foley had been beheaded.
3. In addition, we emphasized the importance of the upcoming mid-term elections.


1) We once again took a look at the indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry.
2) We also mentioned that the Internal Revenue Service has agreed to investigate churches, because of a lawsuit filed by atheists.
3) We pointed out the continuing persecution of Christians by ISIS.
4) We also discussed why there seems to be permanent underclass of black people.


1. We discussed The foolishness of Gov. Rick Perry’s indictment.
It looks like political revenge.
2. We also covered the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and the ensuing riots and protests. We also discussed how the situation was being exploited by the likes of Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson.
3. Our Urban Story reviewed the reports that President Obama stopped shipment of arms to Israel.
4. The Pope has called for military intervention to stop the genocide of Christians.
5. We also covered the story that the Navy had ordered Bible removed, but reversed itself after a public outcry.


1. We chose the late Ms. Cheyanne Bond as our Urban Hero. Cheyanne was a bright young lady who was headed to college, until she was gunned down in Newark by other black youth in late June.
2. In conjunction with this story, we discussed urban violence overall.
3. We also discussed the corruption that is now engulfing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration.
4. Finally, we held an in-depth discussion concerning the rise of radical Islam.