Crises Engulfing the Black Community

On Saturday, January 4, 2014,”Our Urban Story” focused on, in large part, the on-going crises that are engulfing the black community. Host Barbara from Harlem and her co-host, Bebe Diamond, discussed the number of issues that are negatively impacting the quality of life in the black community, particularly within the inner-cities of America, issues such as the out-of-wedlock birth rate, the youth violence, lack of educational standards, just to name a few, which are tied to the break-down of the family. The co-hosts cited some sources of information, including the seminal article authored by the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan entitled “Defining Deviancy Down.”

Next week, “Our Urban Story” will continue the discussion, but will also offer some solutions that should ameliorate the problems and begin the process of healing, which includes but is not limited to restoring the family, that is so desperately needed in our inner-city communities.