Bebe Diamond Solo

Today’s (March 29, 2014) show, which was hosted by Bebe Diamond, covered several current events, such as President Obama’s visit with Pope Francis; the mystery surrounding flight MH-370 from Malaysia; and the potential that the U.S. government may hand over the control of the Internet to countries that do not believe in free speech.
In addition, I mentioned the article by Kevin Williamson in National Review Online, which essentially argued that even if Conservatives don’t care if Republicans win the mid-term elections, they should at least care that Democrats lose.  Moreover, I touched on the subject of how Communism enslaves its people, citing the “Great Leap Forward” instituted by Mao Zedong in China, which was responsible for the deaths of millions of Chinese in the 1950s and 1960s, and the current situation in North Korea.  I also discussed the unfortunate transformation of Miley Cyrus from a positive role model as “Hannah Montana” on the Disney Channel to her current image, which is based on being a sexual object as opposed to someone who cares about her craft and influencing for the better impressionable young women and teens who may look up to her.

From Lies to Leadership

Today’s (March 22, 2014) show was entitled “From Lies to Leadership.”  The program covered several topics, such as David Jolly’s victory in the 13th Congressional District in Florida, and the fact that his victory is a harbingers of things to come for Democrats who voted for and who still support the Affordable Care Act/Obama.  In addition, we discussed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has essentially called Americans who have suffered under Obamacare liars. These are our fellow Americans who have lost their insurance coverage, and in many cases are now being forced to pay higher premiums under this very unpopular Act.
We all discussed some aspects of Barbara from Harlem’s upcoming book, which is destined to be a bestseller.  One key of the points that she brought forth is that once Black Americans can move past the lies from the liberals they will regain their place as leaders of their communities and beyond.

Crises Engulfing the Black Community

On Saturday, January 4, 2014,”Our Urban Story” focused on, in large part, the on-going crises that are engulfing the black community. Host Barbara from Harlem and her co-host, Bebe Diamond, discussed the number of issues that are negatively impacting the quality of life in the black community, particularly within the inner-cities of America, issues such as the out-of-wedlock birth rate, the youth violence, lack of educational standards, just to name a few, which are tied to the break-down of the family. The co-hosts cited some sources of information, including the seminal article authored by the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan entitled “Defining Deviancy Down.”

Next week, “Our Urban Story” will continue the discussion, but will also offer some solutions that should ameliorate the problems and begin the process of healing, which includes but is not limited to restoring the family, that is so desperately needed in our inner-city communities.