Meet Barbara from Harlem

Barbara from Harlem


barbraprofilepicBarbara from Harlem, as she is affectionately known, is a genuine and authentic native New Yorker.  Her young life was molded and shaped by her family of five children and in the environment of urban America where she attended elementary, junior high and high school.  After the unfortunate collapse of her parents’ marriage, she was thrown into the pool of poverty and just scraping by.  Life was not easy, but her mother as the main source of physical survival, worked hard and diligently to provide the essentials of life.  She did not depend on the government to provide the meals and shelter that her children required; which was a lesson well learned and needed as Barbara faced life with her own five children and a failed marriage.


Like approximately 99.9% of blacks, Barbara was instructed to register as a Democrat when she reached voting age as young married woman.  This she did without questioning the motto that “the Democrats are for the poor and the Republicans are for the rich”.   She just went with the flow that seemed so normal and right at those moments.  However, as time evolved, her listening to renowned theologian Dr. D.J. Kennedy, motivated Barbara to began to question her allegiance to the Democratic party that promoted and saturated the air with hopelessness and a sense of defeat because of the dark color of our skin.  This was repeated throughout her journeys as a member of several Harlem based Democratic political clubs which included the Charlie Rangel club.  With her inner self  becoming more and more troubled by  the conflict of what was being espoused meeting after meeting and the logical sounds of reason coming from the pulpit of Dr. D.J. Kennedy, his teachings proved to be the impetus for change.  As this new strength emerged, she experienced a different mindset from her constituents and strength burst forth to question the racial propaganda and innuendos — to no avail.


In 1994, the mental awakening and birth of Barbara from Harlem became solid realities.  Following the acquittal of O.J. Simpson, and the horrific remarks from her associates about the justification of his acquittal because he was black, proved to be the final straw.  Barbara started calling the Jay Diamond radio program, who suggested that Barbara from Harlem was an appropriate call-in name.  It was full steam ahead as she worked in Harlem for the election of Mayor Rudy Giuliani campaign.  As a result of her efforts, she was invited to his victory party.  She is now a known and recognized call in voice on the Mark Levin radio program who continues to educate and inspire Barbara and others to stand up for what’s right for America.

Aside from her political involvements, she has served as executive director for a not-for-profit and city funded family day care agencies.  The focus was to provide year-round services for single parents and children.  Working within the urban community with children and parents whose lives are in shambles is her passion and has been a crucial part of her life for over twenty plus years.  Presently, she volunteers as the educational instructor for a not-for-profit agency to address the educational and social deficits of school age children in a highly distressed area of Newark, New Jersey.  To personally experience the liberal teachings in higher education and the impact it has on young minds, Barbara attended and graduated with honors from a very liberal arts college in New York City in 2006.  In 2009 Barbara and her daughter Bee Bee Diamond, launched a website called where they discuss present issues and concerns about the state of America.