1. “Our Urban Story” discussed the unfair treatment of our veterans at the Veterans Administration Hospitals in Phoenix, Arizona and elsewhere.
2. We also discussed the violence and kidnapping carried out by Boko Haram and other radical Muslims.
3. In addition, we highlighted the plight of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, a 27-year-old Sudanese Christian woman who has been sentenced to death, plus 100 lashes, because she refuses to renounce her Christian faith. She is married to an American Christian, and she was raised by her Christian mother. Since her father is a Muslim, the Sudanese government only recognizes her as a Muslim. Furthermore, not only has been detained but her 20-month-old son as well. This cruel and evil act and potential punishment must be dealt with and resolved.
4. We also touched on the Satanic Mass that was scheduled to take place at Harvard University on May 12th.
5. Finally, we also discussed the latest Internal Revenue Service scandal, in which the senior senator from Michigan, Carl Levin, has been implicated in urging the IRS to target conservative groups.

Awake and Aware

On Saturday’s show (April 5, 2014), “Our Urban Story” addressed the following topics:  1) We touched on once again the fact that some hospitals in the United Kingdom, until recently, used the bodies of aborted babies to heat hospitals. 2) We also covered the recent Ft. Hood shooting.  Army Specialist Ivan Lopez apparently struggled with emotional and mental issues, but there is no excuse for what he did.  It was pure evil.  Our condolences are with the victims’ families.  3) We discussed the issue of the Mozilla CEO (and co-founder), Brendan Eich, being forced to resign because he supported traditional marriage. The homosexual lobby and its radicals have forgotten the meaning of the word “liberal.” Free speech is not really free unless you agree with them.  4)  The program also turned to the lies of ObamaCare being pushed by this Administration, such as 7.5 million enrollees in ObamaCare.  The reality is most of those enrollees are people who were forced off of their previous insurance policy and were forced to the Exchanges because of the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare;  5) We also discussed Karl Marx and his destructive beliefs.  More will be discussed on this on next Saturday; and 6) Our Urban Story also addressed the attempt by Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to suppress the movie “Honor Diaries,” which exposes the inequality faced by Muslim women in Muslim-dominant countries.