From Lies to Leadership

Today’s (March 22, 2014) show was entitled “From Lies to Leadership.”  The program covered several topics, such as David Jolly’s victory in the 13th Congressional District in Florida, and the fact that his victory is a harbingers of things to come for Democrats who voted for and who still support the Affordable Care Act/Obama.  In addition, we discussed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has essentially called Americans who have suffered under Obamacare liars. These are our fellow Americans who have lost their insurance coverage, and in many cases are now being forced to pay higher premiums under this very unpopular Act.
We all discussed some aspects of Barbara from Harlem’s upcoming book, which is destined to be a bestseller.  One key of the points that she brought forth is that once Black Americans can move past the lies from the liberals they will regain their place as leaders of their communities and beyond.